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Hapa. Hapas. Hawaiian Hapa. Hawaiian.

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December 27th, 2005

10:44 am - From a reader of www.realhapas.com

I recently received this email from someone who had read www.RealHapas.com recently. This is what she sent to us:

"Kristine Kualii Calvert's Comments are:

I would just like to say that finding your site and reading it made me happy that someone is trying to educate and show people how important our heritage is. I have had many discussions with people claiming they are hapa or Hawaiian without even understanding what it is..Thank you again for sharing your site."

Mahalo e Kualii.

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July 10th, 2005

03:46 pm - The "Hawaiian Filipino" Phenomenon

heisaspy claims that he is Hawaiian Filipino:

"Name: Jeff
Age: 16
Location: Jersey
Ethnicity: Jalepeno. Hawaiian-Filipino (I'm part Hawaiian, aka true Hapa, haha, since Hapa originated from Hapa Haole)"

Then he later posts that he was born in the Philippines:

"I was born in the philippines (Quezon City//Metromanila)"


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June 24th, 2005

07:10 pm - Haafu versus Hapa

Since "haafu" doesn't sound exotic... they use "hapa." Is that a good reason? Or are they still stepping on Hawaiians?

Check out the haafu community:


Compare it to the hapas community:


Look how many more members are in the latter.

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April 22nd, 2005

11:23 pm - More People with An Identity Crisis in hapas

It's amazing how some people feel the need to step on Hawaiians in order to feel "special." Of course many don't realize it. However THEY SHOULD. Take a look in hapas:


These people need to read about their history, culture, and traditions. Perhaps they will stop calling themselves a Hawaiian word. Perhaps they will realize how some Hawaiians are offended. How sad.

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March 6th, 2005

11:11 am - Trying to change the definition of "hapa"

Other peoples have changed their language. Unfortunately in this case since Hawaiians are rare (.1% of the population in the U.S.) some non-Hawaiians feel as though they are entitled to take the Hawaiian language and do whatever they want with it. At the Hapa Club at Columbia University non-Hawaiian language speakers are trying to change the definition of "hapa:"


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11:08 am - Profiting off of Hawaiians: Kip Fulbeck

In this case, someone named Kip Fulbeck is profiting off of Hawaiians. He is doing so by using a Hawaiian word to "sell" his project and thus if he sells his project then he will make money:


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March 4th, 2005

03:36 pm - Hapahaole.org is now defunct. Now it's creator has created thehapastore.com to profit off Hawaiians.

Hapahaole.org is now defunct. Now it's creator has created www.thehapastore.com to profit off of Hawaiians:



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03:19 pm - The Hapa Issues Forum has changed its name to the Multi-Cultural Student Union

From the Multi-Cultural Student Union which used to be the "Hapa Issues Forum:"

"What gives? Where is the Hapa Issues Forum website?

Well in a word, things have changed a little. In a nutshell, we’re expanding our focus from hapa, to multi-cultural/multi-ethnic/multi-racial individuals. The officers are the same. The website address is the same (for now). The listed socials, events, and meetings are the same. But we’re trying to have a different focus.

While Hapa Issues Forum has always welcomed multi-cultural/multi-ethnic/multi-racial individuals, the fact that the club included the name “hapa” represented a focus on the mixed Asian communities. We on core have felt that perhaps we should re-evaluate our position, and attempt to reach out to a broader community. Thus, Hapa Issues Forum is undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts and becoming …

Multi-Cultural Student Union

Now we know that is a mouth-full, so please call us “Mixed” for short.

Please take a moment to read the old Hapa Issues Forum mission statement, and the new Multi-Cultural Student Union mission statement. * Mission Statements are like a club thesis, it is the embodiment of our ideals and goals as an organization.


Hapa Issues Forum (HIF) is dedicated to enriching the lives of Asian Pacific Islanders of mixed heritage and developing communities that value diversity.


Multi-Cultural Student Union promotes multiculturalism and establishes unity of purpose by;

building community
outreach through leadership & service to the campus and greater community
promoting awareness and education through dialogue of multiethnic/multicultural issues.
ultimately, fostering personal growth and development as well as empowerment."

Lookie: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~hapa/

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February 8th, 2005

04:58 am - Exposing Mixed Asians who disrespect Native Americans like Hawaiians

Exposing Mixed Asians who disrespect Native Americans,i.e. Hawaiians

This is a closed community.

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