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The Hapa Issues Forum has changed its name to the Multi-Cultural Student Union - Hapa. Hapas. Hawaiian Hapa. Hawaiian.

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March 4th, 2005

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03:19 pm - The Hapa Issues Forum has changed its name to the Multi-Cultural Student Union

From the Multi-Cultural Student Union which used to be the "Hapa Issues Forum:"

"What gives? Where is the Hapa Issues Forum website?

Well in a word, things have changed a little. In a nutshell, we’re expanding our focus from hapa, to multi-cultural/multi-ethnic/multi-racial individuals. The officers are the same. The website address is the same (for now). The listed socials, events, and meetings are the same. But we’re trying to have a different focus.

While Hapa Issues Forum has always welcomed multi-cultural/multi-ethnic/multi-racial individuals, the fact that the club included the name “hapa” represented a focus on the mixed Asian communities. We on core have felt that perhaps we should re-evaluate our position, and attempt to reach out to a broader community. Thus, Hapa Issues Forum is undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts and becoming …

Multi-Cultural Student Union

Now we know that is a mouth-full, so please call us “Mixed” for short.

Please take a moment to read the old Hapa Issues Forum mission statement, and the new Multi-Cultural Student Union mission statement. * Mission Statements are like a club thesis, it is the embodiment of our ideals and goals as an organization.


Hapa Issues Forum (HIF) is dedicated to enriching the lives of Asian Pacific Islanders of mixed heritage and developing communities that value diversity.


Multi-Cultural Student Union promotes multiculturalism and establishes unity of purpose by;

building community
outreach through leadership & service to the campus and greater community
promoting awareness and education through dialogue of multiethnic/multicultural issues.
ultimately, fostering personal growth and development as well as empowerment."

Lookie: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~hapa/

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